Jan 23, 2012

Vetiver on KCRW - worse for wear [2011]

CT xox

forget about the things she did
her careless ways, her secrets hid

well now you're free, no worse for wear
to find someone who really cares

oh all of that'll feel right, oh that'll feel right
they tell me now, and it might be true
but i just can't keep my mind off you

the tender trust, my hopes betrayed
withered like an old bouquet

you and I suffered the way that young lovers will
oughta now spent up on how i need you still

only now you're really moving on
funny how you've already moved on

captive by what could've been
looking for a window in

its enough to break your brittle heart
but you didn't want to take part

all happiness is sad
all happiness is sad
i need you now

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