Apr 4, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E18 • Call Me Spinster

Sisters Rosalie, Rachel, and Amelia formed the trio, whose individual talents converge into a harmonious whole, Call Me Spinster. Together, they create an alchemy of sound that is both evocative and empowering, inviting audiences to embark on a  journey that transcends boundaries and resonates on a deeply personal level. Call Me Spinster showcases a profound commitment to artistic exploration and authenticity. Their music is a reflection of life’s many family complexities, offering solace, inspiration, and a sense of connection in a world that often feels fragmented and chaotic. Enjoy 🎙️ 

Potholes was recorded in the vaunted studios of Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia where Call Me Spinster teamed again with Drew Vandenberg to co-produce and engineer the record. Base tracks were recorded live as much as possible, pulling in JoJo Glidewell (of Montreal, Modern Skirts) on keyboards and piano. Countless harmonies and overdubs were recorded in Rachel’s Chattanooga bedroom, synth or solo ideas passed back and forth between band members, Glidewell, Vandenberg, and pedal steelist Matt ‘Pistol’ Stoessel.
The result is a truly unusual concoction, swirling around familiar sounds but always landing slightly askew of expected territory. The first track “Feet Are Dirty” nods to Robyn and ‘90s synth pop but with a post-punk plainness that is both wistful and honest and entirely its own brand. The second track, “Married,” trades in Rosie on lead vocals in a dreamy, almost psychedelic offering, with moments of Minnie Riperton-era Rotary Connection and Air. Other songs like “White Lines” dip into the realm of country - folk, but in an unusually understated, anti-Nashville style, pedal steel or accordion pinging nostalgia but staying out of the way. “Born in a Ditch” is a doo-op era banger, but like their effervescent first single, “Here You Are,” moves outside the trope with an unexpected twang and in this case, trumpet by Wave Magnetik. Alex Behles

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