Apr 25, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E25 • Joh Chase

Joh Chase writes fantastic music. On the eve of Joh’s latest LP Solo being dropped we chatted about their creative pursuits, a 15 year artistic journey, their personal evolution, all the while allowing the songs on Solo to explore various genres throughout. The conversation further delved into Joh's creative process, their home studio setup, and the challenges of balancing a music and teaching career. Enjoy ๐ŸŽ™️ 


Kill Rock Stars Label proudly signs Joh Chase and kicks off 2024 with the release of "Avalanche," teasing the thrilling lineup to come in Joh's new album SOLO, coming out April 26.

​"It's an absolute anthem that shows off their vocals and one of the most well written songs of the year."

- ifitstooloud.com

"Electricity fills the air and we wanted nothing better than to breathe in as much as we could."


Chase’s new album SOLO feels like a turning point for them: it’s a testament to Chase’s do-it-yourself ethos throughout their entire career. Out April 26 via Kill Rock Stars, SOLO gleefully bounces from sizzling blues to bedroom-recorded folk, soaring pop, and intimate indie rock, but it’s all filtered through Chase’s charming and fully-formed vision. SOLO, an artist's reinvention, a daring reintroduction for a timeless talent. Kill Rock Stars

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