Apr 28, 2024

Devarrow • Kickin’ • 2024

 “Most of the tracks include lively solo canters — for example, the harmonica-fuelled chaos of 'Crashed Cars' or the synth spotlight on 'Repeat' — that rocket the tracks into dynamic new territory.” - Exclaim!

 “It’s not about whether or not we need another folk singer; it’s a matter of Devarrow being the folk singer we all need right now.” - Dominionated

 “Despite that heavy pull of how to find balance — and peace — in a modern world, Devarrow is playful and cheeky, with the palpable inspiration of Neil Young and Fleet Foxes on such tracks as 'Unwired' and 'Heart Attack.'” - CBCMusic

“Ereaux goes the extra mile on the record, capturing sounds on his phone and laptop to create what he calls a "gritty kind of depressed lo-fi sound" aimed at recording sound on the same devices he consumes information on.” - The Coast

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