Feb 16, 2024

Call Me Spinster • "Married in My Mind” • 2024

Call Me Spinster’s Rosie Graber on the single: “I was driving the eight hours home from our grandfather’s funeral and had a lot of time to think about my new boyfriend, the institution of marriage, being with someone for life, etc. The lyrics first arrived as a surprise as it was way too early to declare anything, but I made a voice memo anyways and the band jumped on the opportunity to make a song that pays homage to the dreamy, chill relationship with my partner I continue to enjoy. For the visual, we wanted to play with tropes of burlesque and reverse burlesque to capture the playful sexiness of daydreaming and, ultimately, getting sweatpants-cozy. The video was shot on Super 8mm film to create a warm, home video vibe that is intimate, timeless, and full of self-love.”

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