Feb 18, 2024

Glitterfox • Highway Forever • 2024

Out now on KRS Glitterfox's official video for their single, "Highway Forever" - full of  heartfelt lyrics, infectious hooks, and puppets!

"In June 2015 Solange and I bought a conversion van off of Craigslist. One month later we’d gotten rid of 95% of our belongings, quit our jobs, left our apartment, and were living in the van full-time on the road following a shared dream of making a life in music. We spent two years living in that van together with our two dogs, traveling with the seasons up and down the west coast and cross country.

We’ve been settled in an apartment in Portland, OR for some years now, but I always feel like those years on the road are still alive in me. When I close my eyes I can see rain slapping the windshield wipers and feel the warm relief of neon signs after a long night of driving. I feel like every song that I write now has in it somewhere a love poem written to the road. To me “Highway Forever” is a nostalgic anthem of the traveling musician’s life, a life that is measured in miles of highway and built in following an irresistible dream."
-Andrea Walker

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