Feb 3, 2024

The Drives • Maybe I’m a Masochist • 2024

“This song is essentially about becoming complacent in a failing relationship.” shares frontman Andrew Levin. “In my last relationship, I had become so comfortable with being a part of an unhealthy dynamic that I didn’t even realize how unhappy I was. I was constantly focused on fixing a bunch of little problems that I never stepped back and saw how messed up everything had become. This song is basically about the guilt and regret I had for not realizing how bad things were.”

“The Drives have always stayed true to their name as a rock band with plenty of… well, you know.”

“…full of emotion and nostalgia that’s delivered with casual indifference.”

“It’s full of upbeat indie-rock guitar that feels like it jumped right out of an early 2000s coming of age film, in the best way possible.”

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