Jan 7, 2023

Good Good Blood • Johnny Was An Ocean Child • 2023

All of the days and all of the nights
Break me down, break me down
I can hear it coming!

All the disease, all of the blight
Cancels out, cancels out light
I can feel it forming!

And when we find out how to survive
We will all, we will all die
I can see it coming!

Johnny was an ocean child
Look at him dive, oh look at him dive
Swimming deep below the tide
Trying to find somewhere to hide
Catch him in a fishing net
Keep him as your little pet
Take a look, you can bet
He’s as cute as cute can get!

And when the days turn into nights 
We will all we will all sigh 
Let them entertain us!

All of the dreams and all of the lies 
Make us all make us all, cry 
Please don’t let it change us!

Time begins to move real slow
Johnny starts to feel real low
Trying to find a way to go 
But there’s no one who can show 
How he can escape your net 
Or how to stop being a pet 
Take a look, I can bet 
He’s as dead as dead can get!