Jan 20, 2023

Josh Rennie-Hynes • Morning Stars • 2023

"Exquisite, shimmering guitar colors and fine lyrical details. 4 out of 5 stars." - Rolling Stone

"Take the outrageous alt-pop flair from the outback and mix it with the pristine Nashville production and we get something that smells like Parcels bathing musically with Lord Huron... a contagious alt-pop banger that displays the artist’s tenacious knack for experimental pop and hooks." - Glide
"Pushes the limits with lush pop arrangements over profoundly engaging songwriting. The music serves to uplift Rennie-Hynes soaring, honeyed vocals – just rough enough around the edges to keep things interesting." - Ghettoblaster Magazine

"Leading with yearning, guitar tones that are instantly redolent of the song’s philosophical nature, the artist sells it with its wishful chorus, sifting through the ebb and flow that our lives all inherently produce." - PopMatters

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