Jan 14, 2023

Slow Fiction • In the distance, where it doesn​’​t matter • 2023

"Let their garage-rock guitars and the song’s enthralling crescendo give you a sense of catharsis (and even make you dance)."
Alternative Press

"Bright-eyed early noughties guitars are behind the wheel on this one, trailing an atmospheric hum of feedback and dancing rhythms [...] either grab the nearest box of tissues or strap on your dancing shoes; ['In the distance, where nothing matters'] is a ferocious groover with an unrepentant sense of enmity."
So Young Magazine

"'Top 10 Movie Scenes' finds the band slowing down for a more expansive effort, crafting a widescreen offering traced with fuzzy indie rock textures [...] The track’s soaring climax feels perfect for a coming-of-age movie, capturing an emotive high in brilliant instrumental color.
Under the Radar

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