May 15, 2022

Ken Yates • Honest Light (feat. Caroline Marie Brooks) • 2022

Yates' forthcoming album Cerulean meets Yates at his darkest and most vulnerable, as he transforms the pain of grief, fear and loss into an 11-track quest towards hope, light and peace. A crucial vehicle out of the depths of darkness and bitterness for Yates, Cerulean serves as a powerful reemergence filled with his signature remarkable vocal intimacy as well as a profound yet candid peek into the universal human experience.

["Consolation Prize"] [features] downcast energy and confessional lyrics while adding layers to its lush soundscape"
“Yates has now asserted himself as one of Canada’s most unique folk artists with a true knack for effective songwriting.”
"An enchanting song of acceptance and resolve, Ken Yates’ “The Big One” is a soothing and stirring apocalyptic lullaby that finds refuge in the face of life’s fragility."
"Ken has earned a strong reputation as a bona-fide composer who combines his emotionally charged storytelling with some incredible and unforgettable melodies.

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