May 23, 2022

Oxford Drama • Not My Friend • 2022

Oxford Drama, consisting of Małgorzata Dryjańska and Marcin Mrówka, are a Polish indie-pop band formed in the spring of 2014, when they also released their self-titled first EP. The release caught an eye of a Polish label Brennnessel, where the duo released their next EP 'Fluctuations' and their debut album 'In Awe'. 'In Awe' was considered one of the most interesting debuts of 2015 on then Polish scene, acclaimed by both the press and wider audiences. In 2018 the duo presented their second LP 'Songs', released by ART2 Music. It is on the second album where they fully discovered that what they want to do and can do best is to write songs. The album pays tribute to the heritage of 70 years of popular music. 

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