Nov 19, 2021

Yot Club • Alive • 2021

Ryan’s lo-fi indie pop project Yot Club stems from a diverse array of influences, and offers a unique and recognizable brand of vibrant, sunny pop rock.  Since 2019, Yot Club has released three EPs and more than thirty tracks. Taking a simplified approach to recording, intentionally working within his restrictions of owning one microphone, Ryan boosts his creativity.

"Combining elements of lo-fi with retro sunny-pop, the artist intricately carves out his own lane of vibrant bedroom-pop while riding adding in touches of hip-hop and indie."

"The minimalistic yet carefully layered production taps into a hazy, warm vibe that comforts right from the first notes of guitars and synths."

"'Alive' is a perfect example of how the world works, it’s not all black and white, and there can be fun in boring and artificial suburbs."

"A lo-fi indie pop tune packed with clean, dreamy guitar riffs and hazy vocals."

"Similarly to his past sunshine-drenched releases, 'Alive' is a warm, synth-driven pop-rock tune that’s ultimately feel-good and summery by nature."

"‘Alive’ is practically dripping with melancholy in spite of its breezy, feather-light sound."
Backseat Mafia

"A fresh lofi / DIY masterpiece"
Indie Tapes

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