Feb 25, 2021

Junaco • Blue Room • 2021

“Jaffer’s vocals lead with a confident poise while the song’s momentum builds steadily with each passing moment. Recreating an image of a convertible cruising along the Pacific Ocean highway with the top down, no destination set while the cool breeze caresses your face.” - Ears to Feed

“Atmospheric audio wallpaper” - American Songwriter

“Junaco make folk music that feels as if it came from a secluded, shady spot where the mind is uncluttered by the entanglements of modern life. Technology and media, be gone. You too, day job. Let someone sing for you.” - Buzzbands

“Seductive serenity...Dreamy” - Atwood Magazine

“Deep, organic storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes” - Culture Collide

“Achingly gorgeous vocals, which seem to float over the song’s twangy arrangement — and much like its predecessor, and expansive song structure. And at its core, is a bitter heartache that sounds lived-in and familiar” - Joy of Violent Movement

“Stunningly melancholy” - Earmilk

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