Feb 4, 2021

William The Conqueror • Move On • 2021

William The Conqueror first began teasing new music last year with the lead single "Wake Up," a gorgeous slice of laissez-faire college rock that sits somewhere in a disorganized melee between Pavement, Speedy Ortiz, and Built to Spill. The Times named it an Essential Track and called it an "agreeably low-slung piece of alt-rock." It was followed by "Jesus Died A Young Man," a song the band described as "far from being a dig at religion or Christianity, is more about bad teachers and good faith." Clash Music called it "guitar pop of real depth and nuance." Their previous single "Quiet Life" is also out now, a charming, slow-building lament that broadens out like a rolling landscape. The accompanying video shows the band wandering around a deserted Venice Beach boardwalk right before fleeing the US ahead of the pandemic lockdown last March.

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