Feb 20, 2021

Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy • "The Wild Kindness • 2021

Bill Callahan and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy shared a cover of the Silver Jews’ song “The Wild Kindness,” which was written by the group’s late frontman David Berman. The recording features the Silver Jews bassist and Berman’s widow, Cassie Berman.

Also contributing to the track were guitarist David Pajo, Lambchop keyboardist Tony Crow and Silver Jews drummer Brian Kotzur. Several others were part of a choir of backing vocalists “swimming in a river of voices” including Pajo, Meg Baird, Bill MacKay, Cory Hanson, Cassie, David Grubbs, Matt Kinsey, Haley Fohr, Emmett Kelly, Todd Rittmann, Alasdair Roberts, Matt Sweeney, George Xylouris, Azita Youssefi, Sean O’Hagan, Ben Chasny and Elisa Ambrogio. jambase

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