Jan 8, 2021

Kelly Duplex • Shreveport • 2021

another year gone by – wondering why 

you’re writing so much less – you’re smoking so much more 

choosing to resign 
spare the doors - go take a walk outside 

lost everything in fire 
stay on the right side of desire 
ignoring all the signs you swore you required 
lost everything in fire 

I shuffle around the apartment – analyzing what you meant 
assuming what I can – about your intentions 
and this thing - you won’t mention 

Kelly Duplex’s s/t first full-length album is informed by senses of loss both circumstantial and chosen, a wry but vaguely positive outlook on millennial parenthood, the wool-blanket heat of summer in New Orleans, dreams of fractions, incessant list-making, and an abundance of opinions regarding Sylvia Plath. Written over the span of two years, Avrard’s guitar pop affections have culminated into this: a carefully realized  debut on which the band display their emotional and musical relationships.

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