Jun 30, 2020

Suburban Living • How To Be Human • 2020

Frontman Wesley Bunch said of the song, "I've always dreamt of being born in a different era. I walk down city streets and my mind constantly wanders. I dream of what architecture, people, cars, etc would of looked like in the exact place I'm standing at that moment. I'm lucky to live in Philadelphia where the history is abundant, but sometimes these thoughts can be distractingly haunting. PM

"Such intrepid lyricism detailing the otherworldly loneliness — paired with shimmering keys and dark, baritone vox a lá Robert Smith — further hones the song’s ruminative energy, yet its pervading percussive drive and last-minute sax solo by Max Swan keeps things vibrant and lush."
- Post-Trash

"The track is a shimmering reflection of a place, fusing slick gated drums, sharp guitar, and soaring synth pads into a evocative template. Check out the track, as well as tour dates, and album tracklist below."
- Under The Radar

"Philly's Suburban Living infuse their dreamy synthpop with punkish angst on "Main Street," a glimmering, slow-burning power ballad."
- Bandcamp Daily

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