Jun 24, 2020

Alcoves • I Find • 2020

I wrote "I Find," my latest single, during a time of reflection when I hit a fork in the road. It was a new phase of my life, when I was questioning my past actions while experiencing the anxious anticipation of where I was heading.
"I Find" is self-produced and mixed, completed mainly at my parents’ cabin on Buffalo Lake in central Alberta. It was a really cathartic experience to be so involved in every element of the process.
The world has been so chaotic this year and I think we’ve had so much time to get into our heads more than usual. Sometimes the best remedy to that is to just take a leap of faith. I want you to walk away from this track feeling uplifted.
This song is really a chronicle of moving forward and how nostalgia can help you get there. There are times in one’s life where you need to really will yourself forward to get to where you want to be. "I Find" is an anthem of sorts for taking that chance.
Thank you for listening,

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