Oct 25, 2018

Me & Mark - Drama Queen - 2018


Mia, an undisputed talent, grew up in Vimmerby (Astrid Lindgren's city), has been on stage since she was 5 years old and her first lyrics came while in elementary school. She always knew that this is what she should do. Create her own music.
Mark is the bassist and producer of the album and he has a long track record behind him. At a very young age he would listen to a song indefinitely, always finding the small details interesting. He often wondered if he was the only one that felt like music spoke to him. Growing up in Australia, he started to get attention in the business and has collaborated alongside great producers like Malcom Burn, Ethan Eubanks, Rick Will, Naomi Radom, Robbie A.J. Moore, IOTA, Alexander Rybak, Nico & Vince++. He has a reputation of being an excellent engineer in the industry. He has also been on several world tours, playing support for Jason Mraz, Kashmir, The Church, The Thorns,Kiymani Marley, Sonic Boom and the list goes on.

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