Oct 29, 2018

HUMANS - Going Late - 2018

Magnetic Magazine
“HUMANS make dynamic, other-worldly electronic music (...) 'Breakfast With Liz'  is a slinky electro jammer with oodles of surreal distortion”

CLASH Magazine
"Humans are just as defined by their sharp street style as they are their astute electronic pop."

“HUMANS channel the ancient thrill of their hometown topography for the dancefloor”

The Fader
“Take some time with ‘Bout Chu’, let its slow build draw you in, and the eventual payoff crash down on you in a wave of nostalgia an emotion.”

Pigeons and Planes
"Their music ranges from mellow and cerebral to fuzzy and energetic proving how diverse HUMANS really are.”

Nest HQ
"Humans infectious indie-electronic sound continues to offer a signature minimal dance style”

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