Jan 10, 2018

The Go Ahead - In Harms Way EP - 2017

Fronted by Kyna Wise, daughter of Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks”), The Go Ahead is definitely finding its stride. The seven years plus band has always had a funky delicious blend of rock ‘n’ soul, but after being together so long, their synchronicity is as vibrant and beautiful as a freshly blooming flower after the rain. Their latest release In Harm’s Way truly establishes their knack for capturing a mood and riding that wave of feelings into lyrical finesse.

"[The Go Ahead] have embraced the fact that they love different sounds and rebel against being placed in a box. Each of the band members brings a different talent and collectively they combined all their uniqueness to create a sound that will propel beyond the norm into their own stratosphere."

~The Urban Release | October 10, 2016 (cover story)~

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