May 15, 2016

Nathaniel Rateliff - Falling Faster Than You Can Run - Audiotree Live - 2014

Im on the run
Breakin away
On the feet of you all
And catchin the stone
with a side of my head

hold me back
walkin it home
im takin the tracks
so leave me alone
you can see me fall
faster than 
you can run

take it away
if you're feelin its wrong
kickin it back
watch it dissolve
tug on the line
Chained to the wall
I heard you call

We're not gonna make it at all

im gonna fall
probably should

well catch me
you never could
I planned out the distance
from where you stood
When I hit the ground 
gonna laugh out loud
gonna lay there a while and stare at the clouds

baby it looks bad
or maybe from the angle im at
well i tear off my shirt
and wrap it around
your wound

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