Aug 28, 2014

crowdsource - Bit Rot Blues EP - 2014

'Bit Rot Blues' is the debut EP from crowdsource, a new solo alias of North Carolina-based author and electronic musician Phil Torres. Previously releasing three albums of intricately detailed folk/electronic/pop under the guise Baobab, crowdsource strays from these prior musings in favor of a brilliantly nuanced-yet-giddy turn towards the dancefloor. Layers upon layers of propulsive house-leaning rhythms, expansive instrumentation, and vocal samples both obscure and unexpected are thrown into the mix, yielding an exuberant and kinetic sound that’s deceptively complex – to be expected from the author behind the philosophical work 'A Crisis Of Faith: Atheism, Emerging Technologies and the Future of Humanity.' With its wide-eyed, anything-goes, sample-happy mentality, 'Bit Rot Blues' provides a refreshingly celebratory take on intelligent dance music.

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