Aug 19, 2014

Dunbar Hunter - The Genie - 2014

a tribute to Robin Williams... so sad...

It was August 11th, a Monday like any other Monday 
His personal assistant had worked her way through the front doorway
After her knocking was met without reply 
The furthest thing from her mind was to suspect suicide 
Then she went inside 

I was staying a few nights at my parents' house in Ossining 
When we heard the news about Robin Williams' untimely passing 
Ever since I was a kid we would turn on the TV 
When we sat down for dinner to eat as a family 
It kept us company 

But his death was so fresh in our minds that evening 

That instead we thought it would be best to put on one of his old movies 
So we scoured the whole house and parsed our way through all the DVDs 
Though we had many we came up with nothing 
So I got in my car and drove to the library 
I started browsing 

When a sinking feeling started to overtake me 

There was a gap where Aladdin should be 
There was a gap where Jumanji should be 
And Dead Poets Society 
And Hook, Patch Adams 
All were absent 

And so I went home empty handed 
I went back to my mom and dad and 
We didn't watch TV that night 
We didn't watch anything that night 

There was one time I was on vacation with my parents in Palm Springs 
I was dealing with a lot back then, I think I must have been fifteen 
I fastened a belt to the closet hanger rod 
And I was getting light headed, then I chickened out 
And I got myself down 

And it's been ten years since then and I still struggle with the same demons 
And Robin Williams was too before the poor bastard let them beat him 
Maybe he never had a friend like the one he had been to me 
When I was growing up alone and he was the Genie 
He could do anything 

And I wish he experienced even half the joy he brought to me 

There was a gap where Aladdin should be 
Where Mrs. Doubtfire should be 
The Birdcage and Good Will Hunting 
Baron Munchausen 
Were all absent 

They had already been checked out 
By people like me who had gone out 
Who weren't ready to say goodbye yet 
Who still aren't ready to say goodbye yet

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