Dec 2, 2013

Top 20 Songs: The Uncluded - Organs - 2013

Organs is an outstanding example of folk sentiments caked in artful quirkiness.

It's important to give away your pieces
In the detail surrounding your death
There will always be a need for the pieces you are made of
You may one day need a few pieces yourself

Jen stood at the finish line
And waited for Dylan to cross
Then she rested her head on the young boy's chest
That held the heart of the little girl she'd lost

Outside of the influential arms of your idolatries
The object will be turning goodbyes into good biology
There will be a DOA who has some parts that seem okay
Coinciding with someone you know that needs a piece replaced
And we will stand around the corpse, fishing in a well of ribs
Treasure hunting just before they show you where the devil is
Nobody is judging you to vilify the guilty
I will cut and dry, be leaving with your kidney

Turtle gave its shell to the
Crab who gave its eyes to the
Bird who gave its wings to the bat
The bat gave its sonar to the
Dolphin who gave its blowhole to the
Whale who gave its tail to the cat

Outside any biases or post mortem reliances
A moment of silence that needs a poster-boy for science
There will be a system which allows them to unzip your skin
Cherry-picking innards from the synthesis they pickle in
And someone that you never meet will wake on a convenient day
Marvel in the lucky news, plug into your DNA
And know the love inside a dying human's final gesture
I will cut and dry, be leaving with your liver

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