Feb 25, 2013

Elisabeth Pixley-Fink - Bloodroot - 2013

Bloodroot offers lush arrangements of honest, introspective songs, directed by piano and enriched with instrumentation including strings, stunning vocal harmonies, electric guitar, and lap steel. The Kalamazoo-based vocalist, pianist, and songwriter recorded the album at Backseat Productions in Ann Arbor with Patrick Carroll co-producing and playing. Ian Gorman mixed and mastered at La Luna in Kalamazoo. 

I am very excited to release Bloodroot on Earthwork Music
I am forever grateful to the album's co-creators, who lent their ears, lungs, throats, hands & ideas to make up this body of work. 
Many dear people listened to these songs performed at shows; their presence and encouragement made the songs real. 
I wrote and recorded Bloodroot while grieving the death of my soulfriend Andrew Wolf. Through making and performing this record, I have felt his love come alive again again.

Wonderfully great pop music... Excellent songwriting and melodies carry this album from start to finish. Her voice is infectious.