Feb 6, 2013

The Story Of... Clem Snide - 2013

Many exciting Clem Snide/Eef Barzelay things await you in 2013 like…
* The new record “Songs for Mary” will see its official release in spring!
* An original song, called “The Woods”, is featured in the “Senses” episode of the new BBC show “The Wonders of Life” with our man Brian Cox.
* Also: “God Answers Back” from the “End of Love” album will be used in the new Diablo Cody movie (end credits yo!).
* Keep an ear out for Eef on NPR’s All Things Considered.
* But most exciting is the launching of a subscription service called “Eldorado”

Since forming in the early '90s, Clem Snide has undergone numerous lineup changes, moved to three different cities and left record labels big and small in its wake. Even though singer-songwriter Eef Barzelay has long been the band's only constant, Clem Snide still managed to break up after recording a long-unreleased 2006 album. Now, after two terrific solo records, Barzelay has re-formed Clem Snide — and marked the occasion by finally unveiling Hungry Bird, an inventive prog-pop curveball with a post-apocalyptic storyline and many moments of dazzling beauty.

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Made for TV Movie Live

Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide) and Chris Otepka (The Heligoats) perform at the 30th Anniversary Party for Kim & Carla and Jim & Mary.

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