Feb 19, 2013

Holopaw – Academy Sounds - 2013

The fourth album from Gainesville, FL outfit Holopaw takes the perspective of a preparatory school boy, unsure of himself, passing through a beclouded world as best he can. He’s not the bad kid or the popular kid, the funny kid or the poor one. He’s the introverted kid, aware of his surroundings, his head racing with confused thoughts and starry observations. Singer John Orth’s  gentle vibrato is well positioned to channel the nervous, ephemeral innocence of boyhood curiosity. Beyond him, the instrumentation builds with percussive jolts that create a terrain both explosive and calm, like watching fireworks in the snow.

01 - The Academy
02 - Golden Sparklers
03 - Diamonds
04 - Bedfellows Farewell
05 - Dirty Boots (He Don't)
06 - We Are the Virgin Snow
07 - Discotheque
08 - Infidels
09 - Chapperelles
10 - The Lights from the Disco
11 - Golden Years
12 - Untitled hidden track

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