Apr 20, 2012

Lower Dens - Brains [2012]

Ahh, “Brains.” The song where Lower Dens took their dreamy twin-guitared smoulder for a trip up the Autobahn and made Nootropics one of my most anticipated LPs of 2012. For the “Brains” video, out today, Jana Hunter commissioned director Tristan Patterson (he of the hailed Dragonslayer doc). Tristan trains the camera on a stoic Jana, using various visual effects to modify the footage in concert with the music. Put another way, the band’s camp says the video is about “appreciating our modern society’s rampant technological advancements while reconciling its ability to encroach to traumatizing effect. The minimalism here is monumental, elements in the music that seem subtle at first soon reveal themselves as colossal developments.” SG

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