Apr 3, 2012

The Story of Cat Power [2012]

Chan Marshall stops time. She sits at a piano or lays her guitar across her lap, and whether it’s a noisy club overflowing with drunks or a coffee house full of laptoppers, Chan Marshall draws all the attention in the room and makes the world stop spinning. As Cat Power, Marshall’s music seems to rise from nowhere, envelop the room, then vanish; listeners know they’ve been hit by something but they’re not sure what... Matador

The Greatest

Following the release of 1995's Dear Sir and 1996's Myra Lee -- both recorded on the same day -- Cat Power signed to Matador for 1996's What Would the Community Think?, which won acclaim for Marshall's unsettling, emotional songs and cathartic vocals.
The superb Moon Pix followed two years later, and in the spring of 2000 Cat Power resurfaced with The Covers Record. Released in 2003, You Are Free featured a lusher, more polished sound as well as cameos by Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder; 2006's The Greatest was recorded in Memphis, TN, with legendary soul players including guitarist/songwriter Mabon "Teenie" Hodges, bassist Leroy "Flick" Hodges, and drummer Steve Potts. Another set of covers, Jukebox, was released two years later.

Cat Home

Cat Power Mixtape


1. Maybe Not
2. Speak For Me
3. I Don't Blame You
4. The Greatest
5. Willie
6. After It All
7. I Found a Reason
8. Naked if I Want To
9. Cross Bones Style
10. American Flag
11. Dark End Of The Street
12. Paths Of Victory
13. Bonus Track
14. Rockets
15. They Tell Me
16. Taking People

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