Dec 15, 2021

Joe Kenkel • Sweeping • 2021

'Sweeping' is inspired by the mundane acts of kindness that we perform, without huffing and puffing, for those we care for. Acts of friendship and love don’t have to be some grand gesture. They are most often: sharing a meal, giving a ride to the airport, lending a book, sweeping the cat hair from the floor, etc.  

Chiming in with swirling synth-led grooves, reminiscent of a warm summer day, the track is soft-spoken and airy, making it feel familiar and welcoming from the gate."

"Kenkel, a sophisticated folk-rock songwriter, documents Music City’s idiosyncrasies on his debut LP, with acutely observant lyrics that weave their way through a host of characters that you’ve probably encountered: strange men with unsolicited advice, churchgoing neighbors, the guy sweeping up downtown after the party crowd makes its way home."
Nashville Scene

"Kenkel’s drumming and synth inject a fluid current underneath, carrying the song with precision and care."
Post Trash

"Joe Kenkel is a kindred spirit, a folk rock singer with respect but not reverence for the certitudes of Southern life."
Dusted Magazine

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