Dec 11, 2021

Kitten • The End of Sunshine • 2021

Written and recorded over a period that included the departure of band members, a global pandemic, and myriad extracurricular commitments, Personal Hotspots uses an eclectic palette to chart the wild peaks and valleys of the group’s psyche. Perhaps no song better encapsulates the record’s mix of malaise and hope, anxiety and euphoria than album opener “The End of Sunshine”. Showcasing the band’s signature genre-agnosticism, “The End of Sunshine” incorporates psychedelia, gospel, and classic rock into a bedroom pop lament. The accompanying video, directed by Ayesha Fernandez, shows a series of vignettes in the fictionalized lives of the band members: a lonely guitarist by the beach, a lifetime gambler with a lucky break, a bed-ridden girl moving from darkness to ecstasy. 

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