Aug 1, 2021

JD Pinkus • Woke Up Dead • 2021

"For fans of the cacophony that the Surfers and the Melvins have wrought through their respective careers, JD’s “spacegrass” stylings are a drastic shift towards the minimalistic and quiet."
- Hollywood Life

 "rich in the blues."
- Indie Music

"the video gives a thump of colorful attitude to Pinkus’ picking that would make the late Ralph Stanley nod in approval."
- Glide

"Pinkus’ plaintive plucks at the banjo are warped to give us a feeling of being half in the nether world"

"the album is firmly rooted in the sounds of back country Appalachia, in true Pinkus style, that ye olde instrument is warped into psychedeliac, and oft sinister, fields."
- PunkNews

"...pretty much just him, his instrument and some deep thoughts."
- Brooklyn Vegan

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