Aug 20, 2021

Flowertown • Time Trials • 2021

“The arrangements are stunning, showcasing that Velvet Underground-via-indie pop influence which looms large here. You might picture a Vaselines cassette playing on a boombox with fading batteries down a subway tunnel.” - Glenn Donaldson (Free Form Freakout)

“The album’s title track, “Time Trials” jangles through the haze, an understated stunner coming through the short wave wires and onto our speakers.” - Andy French (Raven Sings The Blues)

“Gentle arpeggiated glistening 6-string chords and rattling shakes relentlessly trigger solemn meandering daydreams to drown the dual unison energies of breathless, dreamy distrustful female vocals and soft nervous male ramblings under a swarming shimmering shroud of reverb-drenched guitar melodies cut in a simmering sway of slow steady beats, to wander lost and anxious through the uncertain sparkly rivulets of fear.” - Fabrizio Lusso (White Light // White Heat)

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