Jan 9, 2017

Good Good Blood - Heart Land - 2017

The atmosphere of last few GGB EPs is really evocative and, thematically, quite dark in places – does ‘more raw’ imply being more open/exposed to those darker themes too?

More raw means less instrumental in one sense, but also yes, more direct in the themes and lyrics in another sense. I’ve often changed lyrics to make them less personal but over the last few eps I’ve been moving to a more emotionally honest place. I’ve been going through some mental health issues lately and that’s had a real impact on what I’m writing about lately. It’s perhaps more dark and sparse and simple but more direct and maybe less easy on the ear. I see the last track on this EP as kind of a palette cleanser, it’s 4 mins of nothing much really but it really kind of sums up what I’ve been hearing in my head lately. And, it’s maybe a pointer to where my music will go in the future.

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