Oct 29, 2016

The Story of… Ben Lee - 2016


2016 Freedom, Love & the Recuperation of the Human Mind
2015 Love Is The Great Rebellion
2015 A mixtape from Ben Lee
2013 Ayahuasca: Welcome To The Work
2011 Deeper Into Dream
2010 Noise Addict – It Was Never About The Audience
2009 The Rebirth of Venus
2008 The Square (Motion Picture Soundtrack w/ Jessica Chapnik)
2007 Ripe
2005 Awake Is The New Sleep
2004 The Bens – The Bens
2002 Hey You, Yes You
1999 Breathing Tornados
1997 Something To Remember Me By
1996 Noise Addict – Meet The Real You
1995 Grandpaw Would
1995 Noise Addict – Young & Jaded
1993 DEF

Most often what we're seeking in music is inspiration -- that spark of being brought to life by a sound, a lyric, a song... The music makes you believe the challenge can be met, the goal can be attained, the battle can be won, whatever it is. It makes you feel inspired. ND

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