Oct 13, 2016

LINDA GUILALA - Accidente - 2016

We are still sifting through some of the biggest moments from LINDA GUILALA’s new album, “Psiconáutica”, an album spiritually connected in equal parts to MY BLOODY VALENTINE and LOS PLANETAS, full of immediate hits infected with noise and feedback. And now we have “Accidente”, a song that lets us get a glimpse of their most urgent spirit, a link to Iván and Eva’s past in JUNIPER MOON, though the main thing that differentiates them from the ancestors is this: JUNIPER MOON would have made 8 songs in the 42 minutes of this album, whereas LINDA GUILALA, in that same amount of time, have 20. Urgency and noise, psychedelia and ambiance, but above all, melodies. 

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