Oct 10, 2016

Hope and Social - FEEL- 2016

n the tradition of the travelling bands, we guess we’re a bit like a Yorkshire E-Street Band...meets Arcade Fire...meets The Faces…meets Dexys Midnight Runners…meets Prefab Sprout…at a party...in an argument about who gets to have sex with David Bowie. We're not as good at describing ourselves as others are, so...

"a big sound from this impressive outfit...inspired, anthemic, great" - Q magazine

FEEL is the 5th original studio album by Hope and Social. Written and recorded over a two year period, we stole an 808 handclap and anything else we could get our hands on, chucked it in a bag and shook it all up. The album is covered in analog synths, brass, backing vocals. And coffee mugs. And ukuleles. Numerous home keyboards. A concert xylophone we found in a garden. Plastic trombones. A swanee whistle... And 6 different kids brass bands. And an elephant… flying a helicopter. 

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