Jul 7, 2012

Está Vivo - Smile Back [2012]

Sharing these creations with everyone and everything from here to there. Going only where the sun and the road leads us. Love is in the air and we're all taking deep breaths, letting it in and spreading it around. With unstoppable smiles and filled gaps of dancing and clapping. Ours is yours.

We thought we'd find you 
the way that trouble found us. 
We tried to guide you 
by the weight of our luck. 
The act of tricking 
you into our lives, 
might of been selfish 
but it was worth a try. 

And when I smile, smile back 

Feels like a crime 
trying to speak with you. 
Rather bite my tongue 
than act a fool. 
Inevitable weakness 
quickly shines through. 
I gently hold back 
still my eyes on you. 

And when I smile, smile back 

Let me see you walk 
one last time. 
All the steps you strut 
create the perfect rhymes. 
And all your movements 
in the summer light. 
It's the perfect tune 
to get me by. 

And when I smile, smile back

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