Jul 31, 2012

V/A - Boobytrap! Vol. One [1996]

I was dazzled by the Starbean track "No Earthly Means of Transportation," that commences this double 45 compilation.  Aficionados of twee, Moog-driven "space pop" are likely to do well by this song.  The flip of the Starbean side features Saturnine, a far greater known commodity who issued a healthy slew of albums that didn't abate until the 2001's fine Pleasure of Ruins.  They play quintessentially indie pop with some hard-strummed jangly bits and a good dynamics.

Starbean - No Earthly Means of Transportation
Saturnine - Compromised
The Ladybug Transistor - Your Walling Tail
Blaise Pascal - Shielded

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