Sep 6, 2023

POSTDATA • Run Wild • 2023

"I’m someone who really tries to help and please people around me as much as I can. I think there’s alot to be learned from that. And it’s just important. But if it becomes this default position it can come at a cost... maybe there’s space to not be that person all the time... maybe its okay to sometimes allow yourself the freedom to make space for yourself and live in that. I think Behind You from he last record sort of starts the thought and this expands on it somewhat..."

"'Run Wild' is an escape into a new world of colorful sounds that will make your ordinary day feel extraordinary."
Fame Magazine

"'Try,' reflects the palpable sense of magic, possibility and light that Murphy has infused into his upcoming record, which wraps encouragement and self-discovery within a vibrant indie rock odyssey."

"Irresistibly bouncy"
Backseat Mafia

"The track offers a breath of lightness with hints of joy and love within the driving pop sounds. GEM."
Austin Town Hall

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