Sep 24, 2023

POSTDATA • Look To The Stars • 2023

"The melody and chorus lyrics for this song started as a lullaby for my son. I still sing for him a lot but there were times where it was like 30 minutes of singing and he wouldn’t be sleeping… you sing the same songs a lot but there are points where that’s just boring or there’s just a nice feeling in the room and you just venture into writing mode, I guess.

"Irresistibly bouncy"
Backseat Mafia

"The track offers a breath of lightness with hints of joy and love within the driving pop sounds. GEM."
Austin Town Hall

"The gigantic Indie pop of 'Inside Out' sounding like Arcade Fire on galloping uppers [...] Proof that inventive, envelope-pushing indie rock hasn't disappeared off the map just yet" ****

"This album is a triumph – intimate, irresistible, bright, and hopeful, with songs that spellbind you from the first listen." 9/10
God Is In The TV

"An album that is never quite content occupying the middle-ground, bouncing between life-affirming zeal and ruminative numbers; a contemplative yet gleefully escapist spirit that feels at once incongruous but befitting an anarchic state of catharsis" 8/10
Line Of Best Fit

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