Jun 24, 2023

Podcast # 18 • Slow Leaves

Singer Songwriter, Grant Davidson has been pounding the pavement for a couple decades writing songs about his life experiences,  now with the up and coming record, Meantime, Slow Leaves has planted some indie folk gems that are sure to sprout 🌱 in the fields of musical history. Joining me from his home land of Winnipeg it was wonderful to talk to Grant about being a surviving musician, how he creates his music, and what's it like being the producer, songwriter, mixer of it all. Be sure to listen to the latest single, American Band at the end of our chat. Please support Slow Leaves by buying his record, checkout his shows, this is Canadiana folk at its' roots, so you know it will be awesome. 🤩 

http://slowleaves.com/ 🍃 

Slow Leaves is a self-contained solo project with Davidson curating every aspect of the music and its presentation, including being the multi-instrumentalist, producer, cover art designer, photographer, and videographer.

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