Mar 5, 2022

F.D. Marinetti • I Came Here For A Reason • 2022

“The arrangement swells into a soft, jazzy patchwork of purring synth and tip-tapping drums before ending with a long outro of ambient violin by Anju Singh” - Exclaim on “All Roads”

“His vocals and the folk/balladeer style definitely recall some of the more modern folk tendencies. But, that being said, the way he’s crafting it feels like he’s creating these little mini symphonies.” – Austin Town Hall 

“[Marinetti] assembled a band of incredible Canadian musicians to craft a jazz rock sound that was befitting his poetic approach to this release” - Cups n Cakes 

“[Marinetti’s]breezy, jazzy style pulls you in, to be rewarded by his more poetic leanings” - Irregular Dreams

“The Turin-born musician draws on multiple timescapes and stylistic influences to create space-making music that explores themes of restlessness with patience and ease” – Dominionated

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