Jul 6, 2021

Low Horizon • two days ep • 2021

"two days" throws you into a heap of chaos that sounds like a jacked up velvet underground song before taking you on an adventure through the full spectrum of the low horizon sound. it's about falling back into old habits and the desire to be someone else, somewhere else. it's the feeling of regret mixed with inaction and knowing all your "maybe next times" are never going to happen. 

"okay ,same" is about giving up on yourself and your friends. or, as the chorus puts it, "hiding in the bathroom till my phone dies." it's an anthem of self doubt and loathing disguised as "me-time". it kinda sounds like one of those off brand aughts garage rock bands with grandaddy synths on the chorus and bridge. to quote kundera, "there is no perfection, only life."  

"chorus" questions the purpose of creative output as a tool for emotional wellness. is it really worth digging up and processing memories and feelings i'd probably otherwise avoid in order to make a song that maybe a few hundred people will check out? for now the answer is still yes but maybe next time it won't be. this conflict is further characterized by the descent into distortion during a jam in the second half of the song.

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