Apr 13, 2021

Triptides • Hand of Time • 2021

[4/5 stars] “It’s impossible to hear any songs on Triptides’ new album and not reference the sounds of classic acts the band audaciously cites as influences. Start with early Pink Floyd, move onto the psychedelic end of The Byrds, the eerie melodic vibe of The Zombies, a bit of krautrock Can, some Badfinger and T. Rex….the list continues but you get the idea. They write impressive songs, not unlike their more famous inspirations. And in some cases, even better.” - AMERICAN SONGWRITER
“L.A. band Triptides make jangly pop that recalls both the city's '60s psych-pop heyday but also the '80s Paisley Underground scene.” - BROOKLYN VEGAN
“With its jangly 12-string guitar, steady groove and airy harmonies, their song 'It Won’t Hurt You' definitely brings to mind '60s psych rock with a sunny California vibe. Incorporating fine guitar solos that veer from surf rock to more far out, acid-soaked sounds, the band gives us a time capsule of a tune that still feels fresh.” – GLIDE MAGAZINE
“… pure ‘60s southern California psychedelic joy.” - IF IT'S TOO LOUD

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