Sep 7, 2020

The Barr Brothers • Saint Cecilia • 2020

(Ooh-ah ooh-ah, ooh-ah ooh-ah ooh-ah,
Ooh-ah ooh-ah, ooh-ah ooh-ah ooh-ah)
Here in my jungle, I'm the fire chief
I'm up all night 'cause I can't no relief
I've come 600 miles
I've got 600 miles to go
'Cause see, Saint Cecilia, I think of anyone, she oughta know

I've been to New York, I've been to Amsterdam
Boats on the water, joints in my hand
I've been set up and broke down
I've been suspicious too
But if she says she's gonna do it,
Saint Cecilia, that's what she's gonna do

I know you're a martyr, as all of us are
I know where the cross is, and you keep it in your car
That's a sad but prideful state of affairs
Gonna tell Saint Cecilia that she's the only one who really cares

Maybe it's only as a carry on
On the mistletoe
And it's tryies and verses at the risk of the mournin'

Into the wild, into the dark
I've seen your bite and it's worser than your bark
I've got burns on my fingers and scars all over my soul
But when you see Saint Cecilia, she's gonna get it under control

You know you can't stay here, but you can't let me go
You got information that others wanna know
There's a high price flying over your head
When you see Saint Cecilia, you'll either be free or you'll be dead

Maybe it's only as a carry on
On a mistletoe
And as tries and verses at the risk of a mournin'
Go and tell Saint Cecilia, I think of anyone she'll understand
(Ooh-ah ooh-ah, ooh-ah ooh-ah ooh-ah)

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