Sep 11, 2020

Anna McClellan • I saw first light by • 2020

The record is McClellan’s third full-length to date and second for Father/Daughter Records following her 2018 album Yes and No. Early on in her career, the Nebraska-born singer-songwriter was cosigned by Frankie Cosmos, which gave her profile a boost and placed her in a league of comparable contemporaries. Like Cosmos and others such as Florist and Dear Nora, McClellan makes soft, relatively lo-fi twee pop with intimate subject matter and clever lyrics. CoS

Unlike those other acts, though, McClellan’s songs have a woozy and whimsical swing to them that’s distinctly her own. “Desperate” and “Pace of the Universe” are great introductions to both this LP and her as an artist. The former is a humorously self-effacing song about being, well, incredibly desperate for validation, while the latter is about throwing social norms to the wind and embracing vulnerability during catastrophic times (it’s quite relevant).

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