Aug 10, 2019

Silver Jews • I Remember Me • 2001

Hand in hand down a waterslide in Chattanooga
They did not hide from love, you see
A winter's plane flight to Aruba
Where he threw a boombox into the sea
One day they were cutting flowers for something to do
On the bank of the road 'neath the cotton woods
And he turned to her to ask if she'd marry him
When a runaway truck hit him where he stood
So I remember you
And I remember you...
A blackhawk nailed to the sky
And the tape is from the trees

Everybody said she needed to move on
That he was all but lost so deep was his coma
When he finally came to the girl he loved was long gone
She'd married a banker and gone to Oklahoma
He bought a little land with the money from the settlement
And even bought the truck that had hit him that day
He touched the part where the metal was bent
And if you were there you wouldn't hear him say...

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